"Cultivating a better scene"


Booking With Rad

"Recording Artist Distribution (RAD Music) is a company dedicated to cultivating a better music scene by hosting shows and handling booking for specific artists. We also create sampler CDs of local artists which are distributed across the United States."

Artist Roster

RAD Music currently books Kam Cooks and Valkyrie Missle. If you would like to submit your music to us please send us an email. We would love to hear what you have. submissions@radmusicofficial.com

Tour Booking

Tour booking with RAD is a different experience from other major companies you may work with. We take a hands on approach and make sure to get you the best tour possible. If you would like to inquire about tour booking please contact us at booking@radmusicofficial.com

Show Promotion

RAD Music prides itself on promoting great acts at many venues in multiple markets. If you would like to book your next show with us, please send us an email at promotion@radmusicofficial.com

Upcoming Shows

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